Lowering Material & Process Costs through Technology

Lowering Material & Process Costs through Technology

Joint seminar on Tue 16th May 2017

Raw material cost has always been key to efficient and profitable cost for feed production. It’s adding to more complex challenges in this business like the demand uncertainty, weak buying power and higher labour costs.  The most common and logical solution to thrive in this situation is the simple mantra of production efficiency.

Fortunately, despite all these challenges technology keeps on advancing to help producer to improve efficiency.  Today, technology can detect production off specs within just a few seconds as compared to hours. Material quality can be assessed at the source even before it’s shipped, preventing possible contamination. Analysis data from across the country can be accessed in just a click away.  All these no doubts will help improving efficiency which lead to maximise use of all resources.

Join us in this one day event to understand on what current technologies have to offer:

Tuesday, 16th of May 2017
08.30 – 16.00
Hotel Menara Peninsula
Jl. Letjen S.Parman No. 78
Jakarta Barat
Mr. Christian Tolleback – FOSS
Mr. Naruemit Nanacheewakul – FOSS
Ms. Limien Tan – Charm Sciences
Ms. Siska Yuliati – Trouw Nutrition

Value in knowing Ingredients Variation
Challenge in Animal Production
Upstream Mycotoxin Risk Management
Nutrient Optimisation by NutriOpt
Detecting Production Off Specs as it happens
What data to trust?
FOSS - Dedicated Analytical Solutions
Charm Sciences
Trouw Nutrition - a Nutreco Company
PT HAES Brothers - Laboratory & Scientific Instruments

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