FluoroMate FS-2 – Fluorescence Spectrometer

FluoroMate FS-2 – Fluorescence Spectrometer

ex. Scinco - Korea

Detail Information

Measuring the luminescent characteristics of molecules, the new FluoroMate FS-2 is not only used in quantification and qualification, but also available for analyzing
the structure of macromolecule, bonding between molecules, reaction in solution, and distance between molecules, etc.

Using the highly precise and sensitive Grating and PMT detectors, the FluoroMate FS-2 can measure excitation spectrum and emission spectrum, and using synchronous scan function, it can also measure the samples that contains multi-components. Adjusting the slit width by software and applying the adaptive experimental conditions depending on the samples characteristics, the user can get the precise results. As FluoroMate FS-2 has lamp intensity monitoring function, it can get the accurate and reproducible results.

  • Pharmaceuticals and Medicine (Structure of DNA, Proteins, Nucleic Acids..)
  • Environmental (Organic, Inorganic, Toxic substances in air, Water and Soil)
  • Analytical Chemistry (Solvent, Quantum yields and Lifetimes, Chemical reactions)
  • Food Science and Agriculture (Nutritional quality)
  • Industry (Quality of paint, Polymers, Optical brighteners, Phosphor coatings)
  • Photo Chemistry
  • Cell Biology
  • Light Source : 150W Xe-arc lamp
  • Detector : PMT for Excitation & Emission
  • Wavelength Range : 200 ~ 900 nm (EX & EM)
  • Sensitivity : better than 2500:1
  • Resolution : 0.5 nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy : 1.0 nm