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Fossomatic™ FC

ex. FOSS - Sweden

Fossomatic™ FC performs accurate milk analysis using somatic cell counting. It is a high-capacity analyser that meets the demands of farmers in need of fast and reliable Dairy Herd Improvement, (DHI) results. It is also available as part of CombiFoss™ FT+.

As farms and dairies reduce in number, but grow in size, bottom-line business performance is more important than ever. Your challenge is to give farmers and dairies fast and accurate somatic cell count results. At the same time, you need to keep sampling costs down. Making optimal use of laboratory resources, both machine and human, is an important aspect of your strategy for meeting ever-increasing customer expectations.

Dedicated to demanding modern laboratory environments, Fossomatic™ FC is a high-capacity somatic cell counter that gives you superior performance you can count on to optimise your operations.

Testing volume

Up to 600 samples per hour


Somatic cell count

For use by

Central milk testing laboratories


Flow cytometry complies with IDF and FDA/NCIMS requirements for somatic cell counting


Raw cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk
To match the increasing demands of the modern laboratory Fossomatic FC includes a number of new features that will help optimise laboratory efficiency and keep costs down:

  • Higher speed, up to 600 samples per hour
  • Improved rinse system prevents blockage and reduces down-time
  • Improved reliability/accessibility of fl ow system parts – keeps maintenance down
  • All liquids are temperature-controlled to optimise the staining and cleaning
  • Universal software platform (Foss Integrator) with improved data handling and integrated help system makes it easy to handle all FOSS CMT analysers
  • Not only for cows milk, also milk from other species such as sheep and goats

The Fossomatic™ FC counts somatic cells by applying flow cytometry to recognise DNA from the cells. A mixture of milk and staining solution is surrounded by a sheath liquid and passed through a flow cell.

In the flow cell, the stained somatic cells are exposed to light of a specific wavelength. The cells then emit fluorescent light pulses at a different wavelength, the pulses are counted and displayed. The design of the flow cell ensures that only one somatic cell is detected at a time. Higher precision can be obtained at grading limits using precision set-up feature.

The Fossomatic™ FC+ can be integrated with a MilkoScan FT+ multi-component analyser to form a CombiFoss™ FT+, without reducing sample capacity and at the same time promoting operational effectiveness by sharing the Foss Integrator software platform.

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