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PT Haes Brothers Ltd., is a privately owned company that started in 18th January 1977. It was a small company with only less than 5 personnel to handle everything from day to day office work to marketing and service. Initially with main drive on the veterinary market, progressively Haes Brothers placed its foot into the agricultural market.

It was not until 1979 when the first exclusive distribution right for analytical instrument was obtained from Tecator, a Swedish company with main focus on agricultural market. Slowly but surely, Haes Brothers continued to expand its business to further strengthen its position on the veterinary and agriculture markets.

Realising the market potential in East Java, Haes Brothers, opened a new branch office in Surabaya on November 2nd 1984. Again, with the strength in veterinary and agriculture markets, Haes Brothers - Surabaya was able to highlight its presence in the region and become a role player in the market.

As the journey continues, as a whole we continues to spread our wings. More and more principals are willing to entrust the distribution of their products in Indonesian territory into our hands. Consequently, we managed to enter other market segments such food, dairy and chemical markets.

To date, we have formed long-term partnerships with many customers ranging from industries, governmental bodies, research institutes and university education. We became a global player in the distribution of highly sophisticated analytical solutions with truly nationwide coverage. We have established 2 offices throughout Java and a complete service department for our customer support. In short within the last two decades, we experienced the up's and down's in the business and yet, we still shows our presence.

Nonetheless, we still strive to grow and improve ourselves to give our customers the best analytical solution provider in Indonesia.

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